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If you are a nurse or nursing student and are interested in learning more about working with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, this event is for you!

SIEDAP is the only event in Latin America dedicated to Nursing, dedicated exclusively to addressing Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions (urinary incontinence, urinary retention, anal incontinence, intestinal constipation, pelvic organ prolapses, and sexual dysfunctions). This second edition will address DAP during the life cycle phases. Come live this event with us so we can raise the level of nursing in the area even further.

Moreover, come and be inspired by this event! 


And come and be inspired by this event!

What's new in this edition:

Gold Pelvis Award

Flow Festival of Pelvic Health

Sessão de terapia


2 a 4



From 8 am to 6 pm


The Stomatherapy Research Group of the USP School of Nursing in partnership with the Fluir Institute and with the support of the Postgraduate Program in Nursing in Adult Health at EEUSP and Sobest will promote on March 2 at 4, 2023  the  “II International Symposium on Nursing in Pelvic Floor Disorders”.


Pelvic Floor Disorders include Lower Urinary Tract Disorders such as urinary incontinence or retention, Evacuation Disorders such as constipation or fecal incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapses, and some Sexual Dysfunctions. They significantly impact men and women of all ages, significantly reducing the quality of life of this population.


The first line of treatment is conservative and can be conducted by a nurse, specialist in Stomatherapy or not. International publications have shed light on the theme, highlighting the underutilization of nurses' capacity in this scenario and their potential to transform the high rates of worldwide prevalence of these disorders. Despite the professional support, the topic is not part of the academic training curriculum of these professionals.


Given this scenario, it is intended that this symposium be constituted as an annual event that sensitizes, motivates and equips nurses to work with people with Pelvic Floor Disorders. In this edition, the scientific program will include conversation wheels, panels and discussions with renowned national and international speakers, remotely, synchronously.

Meet some Speakers:

National Speakers:

Coordination and Organization:

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Vera Lucia Santos

Stomatherapy Research Group - GPET

University of São Paulo School of Nursing

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Paula Nogueira

Stomatherapy Research Group - GPET

University of São Paulo School of Nursing


Talita Rosa

Stomatherapy Research Group - GPET

University of São Paulo School of Nursing

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Gisela Assis


Federal University

from Paraná



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And come get inspired by this event!

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